Procedure Memo

TO:              All Volunteers

FROM:        Hannah Brunelli, Communications Director

DATE:        October 14, 2015

SUBJECT:  Procedures for Appropriate Dress Code


As an organization that aims to spread awareness and education about conserving our planet, we should aim to present ourselves in a way that will showcase the seriousness of our mission. Since we believe that unity among people is a key factor in sustaining the Earth, we should dress in a way that is respectful and presentable to many different cultures when working with the public. It is also important to know the appropriate attire for each type of Love Your Planet event to make sure that clothing does not interfere with any volunteer’s safety. Effective one week from now, volunteers will be expected to dress according to the dress code explained below during all events regarding Love Your Planet.


Unless safety equipment is required for an activity, business casual attire should be worn at all public meetings, events, and activities.




  • Dark colored pants or khakis should be worn with a button down, collared shirt.
  • Pants and shirts should be pressed and neat in appearance.
  • Shirts can be long-sleeve dress shirts or short sleeve polos.
  • Jeans are not permitted.
  • Shoes and belts should be the same color.
  • Dress shoes are the only shoes permitted for public meetings and events.
  • Hair and facial hair should be well kept and groomed.





  • Dark colored pants or khakis or a dark colored skirt that reaches the knees in length.
  • Blouses may be worn but must be tucked in and neat in appearance.
  • Jeans are not permitted.
  • Dress shoes or sandals are the only shoes permitted for public meetings and events.
  • Minimal jewelry may be worn, but is limited to one set (for example: only earrings, only a necklace, only a bracelet).
  • Makeup is permitted but should not be worn excessively and should not be in any vibrant or distracting color.
  • No makeup is acceptable as long as the face is fresh and clean.
  • Hair should be groomed.
  • Nails should be groomed and not exceptionally long.




Safety equipment includes protective goggles, helmets, gloves, aprons, face-masks, boots, or wetsuits. Any item of safety gear must be worn at all times by both men and women if instructed by an organization leader.




During certain events, jeans, athletic wear, or swimwear may be permitted. Jeans, casual T shirts, and sneakers or sandals are permitted when a volunteer is required to wear an apron for the majority of the activity. Athletic wear and swimwear is permitted during activities that involve swimming, walking long distances, running, hiking, bicycling, or other physical activity. Volunteers will be notified of any exceptions to the dress code in advance by email.



We appreciate your support and dedication to our organization, and welcome any questions, concerns, or ideas you may have. Please contact me at, or call me at (209)400-5417 for further information. Thank you for your cooperation.